April2012-present               “Wind of Change” Documentary film for “Newcom” corporation of

                                                        Mongolian first wind plant project.


Oct2012                                     “The Climate Reality Project” Climate change of Mongolia program for

                                                       “24 hours of reality” video broadcast

June2012                                 “Exotic Trip of Mongolia” Introduction Video For

                                                        “Overseas Adventure Travel” tour company.

March2012                             “The Good Old Days” Physiological short film


May2009-Dec2011              “Portraits of Change” Documentary film about

                                                        Exploring the changing people, Nature

                                                        and Economics of Mongolia.


August2011                              “Mongolia” Documentary film by “Baboom Films”

                                                        for Brazil Television Network.

                                                        Production Manager.

July2011                                   “Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan” Documentary film of

                                                      “National Geographic Channel”

                                                       Director Tony Gerber, DOP Stewart Dryburg.

                                                       Cameara assistant

May2011                                    “CALL” short film

                                                        Writer, Director

Feb2011                                    Business news spot for “ASPIRE” Mining LTD

                                                         by  “Business Television News” UK.

                                                         Production Manager.

August 2010                          “Fat Yak” beer Ad series for Matilda Bay Brewing Company


Production Manager.

June 2010                            “Sharp Powering Solar Solutions ” advertorial by

BangSingapore Pte Ltd

Fixer, Photographer

Dec 2009                                “Starbucks love project”

       156 nations perform Beatles song same time broadcast to London for 200 screens. Awarded worlds Guinness record for most nations in an online sing-along set by Starbucks.

        Local Producer.

September 2009                   “Black and white” short film

Producer,  Director,  Editor

Oct 2009                                   “Encounter in the woods” Short film made in Pusan Korea.

Produced by Asian Film Academy, Pusan International Film Festival.


July 2009                                   NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

“Naadam  Festival”, “Naadam Horse” and  “Mongolian Desertification” spots

Local producer.

January 2009                          “17, 21 hour News” bundle for NTV

September 08                          “Kids in the man-hole” 6 min tv spot for Deutsche Welle.

Cameraman. Logistic.

July 2007 – July 08                “Naadam” documentary about Mongolia’s three mainly

national sports. Produced by  Documentary film director Mike Majoros.

Sound operator, translation.

June 2008                                 “People of the Wind Horse” documentary about

the relationship between Man and horse for National Geographic Television,

Director Howard Reid, Host Wade Davis, Indian film crew.

Second cameraman.

November 2007                     “Developing Internet in Mongolia”

Documentary for International Development Research Centre.


October 2007                          “Marry Me” ZMN film company new

romantic  melodrama Feature Film.

Editor, graphic, animations.

2007                                           “XacBank” Video advertisement campaign

Creative director, camera, editing.

June 2007                                 TV I-dents – for Educational TV.

Director, camera, animations.

December 2006                     “Next Generation Network” Video advertisement campaign

                                                          for Telecom Mongolia company.

Director, cameraman, editor.

October 2006                          “Guardians of the Gobi” 30min

Editor and cameraman for documentary film

about real Mongolian gobi people.

August 2006                              TV I-dent – for Channel 1 TV.

Created graphics and Animations.

Summer 2006                         Living under the Same Sun”

Producer (& technical consultant)

27 part of a TV soap opera about HIV/AIDS aimed for the Mongolian young generation.

Funded by USAID, and produced by PACT Mongolia.

December 2005 Public Relations Clip: Director Cameraman, Editor

Songs by young Mongolian stars composed for HIV/AIDS Day, December 1st (Letter of appreciation from Ms Delia Barcelona, Chair of UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS)

Autumn 2004 – Summer 05 “The Red Forest” – Director, camera, editor

Low-budget feature film. Shot over winter/summer weekends in countryside locations.

Tiny crew of friends & volunteers. Postproduction & marketing also done in personal spare time.

Released into Mongolian cinema cinemas and running for 3 weeks.

Summer 2004 “Genghis Khan” BBC History Channel. (Dir. Ed                                                             Bazalgette)


60min re-enactment documentary telling the life of Chingis Khaan for prime time BBC1 and Discovery.

Shot entirely on location in Mongolia with Mongolian cast,200+ extras, reconstructions of The Great Wall/Beijing, cavalry battles, stunts/pyro.  During 5 wk shoot I worked with the Polish Grip with 5 metre crane, dolly, tracking vehicle and helicopter camera mount.  I also worked closely with the camera crew and Steady-cam operator.

Spring 2005 Animation Film:  13th Century Mongolia

Created graphics and Animations.

A 15 minute introductory animation movie for Expo 2005, Japan

Summer-Autumn 2003 4th World Adventure

Director/Camera operator/Editor

A Mongolian tourism marketing ‘info-documentary.

The film was produced for multi-language DVD. It was broadcast on MNTV,

used at UK travel shows and shown on Mongolian Airways (MIAT) International flights.

August 2003 Arigu Video – Director Camera, Editor

A video clip for Night Train, Mongolian Alternative Rock Band.

The clip was nominated for Best Alternative Music clip in the Mongolian UBS music awards.


Director of Photography, Camera/Sound, Editor

Documentary film about Mongolian adolescents, in the context of the multi-agency project

“Improving the Outlook of Mongolian Adolescents”.  Funded by United Nations Foundation on behalf of 4 participating agencies,

UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, UNESCO.   Filmed on location in countryside and city.

January 2001-05 Arigu Media

Conceptualised/Wrote/Directed and Post produced over 50 TV public service announcements,

commercials, films and music videos for clients such as United Nations agencies, USAID,

Telecom Companies, Mobicom, Skytel, Mercedes, Ford, Land Rover, Suraga Corporation,

TD Bank, “Police and Social”, MCS Co., Naran Co. Ltd, Capitron Bank, Air Network, Genko Co Ltd.

February 2003 Lake Khovsgol Ice Festival for Mongolian National TV

Director, Camera/Sound

Filming in minus 50 degrees temperatures in extreme conditions and remote

locations over 2 weeks.


Director, Camera/Sound, Editor for TV programme and commercials.

October 03 First Sumo Champion of Mongolia

Camera, Editor

Documentary for Tokyo Broadcasting System and NHK

Autumn/Winter 02 -03 Oddiin Ereld (Star Hunt)

Director, Camera/ Editor

A ‘Pop Idol’ style talent contest (1000 singers) for Mongolian National Television 45 minutes shot and edited every week.

Awarded Best Show 2002.  80% of terrestrial audience (5 months).

Tech-stage managed Final Concert. ‘Star Hunt’ produced by Arigu Media.

October 2002 Hallion Productions – Camera/sound for

Producer/Presenter Juan Senor, Interviewing the Prime Minister of  Mongolia for a programme aired on BBC, CNBC and ABC

July 2002 Judicial Reform Project Public Awareness Campaign,

Camera, Editor for Expose, Talk Show, and 6 PSA


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